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and so it begins…

Well ladies and gents, I would like to introduce the addition of the Daily Drawing tab. I started to come across a lot of different artist who do daily drawings, and that started to get me interested in doing a daily drawing myself. Recently I brought the idea to Jimmy and we decided to go for it. I think this will be a good way to help us grow as artists. I also think it will provide us with the perfect excuse to experiment, not to mention it will keep us thinking creatively on a daily basis. There have been too many days where I have gone without picking up my pencil to draw. By committing to doing a daily drawing, we’ll be forcing ourselfs to take time every day to draw something, even if its only for 30 minutes.

-nick v.

Candy Never Spoils Your Dinner…

I mentioned before that I had three submissions for the Designers In Toyland show. I did the two munnys, and for my third entry I submitted a gumball machine. I’ve had this gumball machine for a couple of years and it just kind of sat there. So one night when I was bored, I decided I would use paint pens and draw all over it. The process was pretty random, not really planning out what I was going to draw. I thought it turned out pretty interesting. Below are some pictures.

-nick v

Candy Never Spoils Your Dinner…
paint pens

the “in” crowd…

This past weekend I decided to venture on a quest to figure the whole registration thing out with screen printing. It seemed simple enough, I just never really gave it a try. All of my previous prints never really required registration and the ones that did, I just eyeballed it because I was only making one or two prints.

For this print I kept it two colors. I assembled the image using various drawings from my sketchbook that I have been wanting to use for some time now. The registration went rather smoothly thanks to some pointers from Sean Tucker, but the fact that my squeegee was not big enough turned it into a rather frustrating experience. Luckily in the end, I was able to obtain a larger squeegee and finish the prints. I kept the run fairly small and ended up with about 7 decent prints. 

Also, be sure to check out Art Walk downtown tomorrow night! Jimmy will apart of AIGA’s Atomic Sketch in the Old Library, and our friend Karen Dessire will be showing her work at the store. 


– nick v.

the “in” crowd
11 x 16.5
2 color screenprint

illustration print 1 illustration screenprint 2illustration screenprint 3illustration screenprint 4

The Mustache Bandito…

So I’m pretty pumped to have been part of the Beards and Brushes show. There was a lot of awesome artwork. Thanks to Sean from Jaxbeard for putting on the show. You can check out pictures from the show here

For the show I decided to do the Mustache Bandito. If any of you are familiar with the Mustache Bandits, the Bandito is just another one of the Bandits only he is spanish. So don’t try speaking english to him because he won’t understand a word your saying. Below is a picture of him. He is one cool dude. Also I included a picture of Jim, Sara, and  I rocking the Mustache Fridge shirts. If anyone still wants one, hit us up and we will make it happen. We are selling them for $5. 

may the force be with you,
-nick v.


The Mustache Bandito
Acrylic on Canvas
Mustach Bandito

My other shirt is a V neck…

Ok this past weekend a friend of mine, Nick Heath, asked if i could make him some shirts for him and his friends. He wanted the shirts to say “My other shirt is a V-neck”. It’s simply a joke they had between each other. It’s in response to the countless number of kids that you see wearing v-neck t-shirts everyday. Anyways, I thought it was pretty funny so I hooked him up with some shirts. 


The shirts I made for him were white with black ink. I forgot to take a picture of them, so last night i made another one. This time I printed white on black. I came across some white opaque ink I ordered a while back and hadn’t tested out yet. The ink looks good on the shirt, but the it is extremely thick and dries with a quickness in the screen. Such a nightmare to clean. 


That wasn’t the only shirt I made this week. As some of you might already know, Jimmy and I submitted art work for the Beards & Brushes art show. We talked about how funny it would be to have Fridge shirts that had mustaches on them, so I went ahead and made a few. 


These aren’t official fridge shirts mentioned earlier. We came up with these to help promote the Beards & Brushes show this coming up this Saturday, since we are participating in it. Plus a fridge with a mustache just looks kind of funny. We are only printing them this week. UPDATE: we are selling them for $5. If your interested in getting one just shoot me an email: Make sure to include the size.



ALSO,  we are participatingin the AIGA sponsored Atomic Sketch tomorrow, Wednesday September 2nd ,at the Downtown Art Walk. Make sure to come check this out. It’s taking place from 5 to 9pm at the Old Hayden Burns Library located at Adams & Main St.

Participating artists & designers include:


Hope to see you there!

-nick v.


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